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Glorious Wedding – Events Center

Glorious Wedding – Events Center

546 - 548 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 11, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.


Tel: (08) 39906888 - 39906999

Fax: (08) 38464766

"Love starts from the eyes.
Happiness begins with Glorious "

Glorious is the brand which is exclusively registered. The restaurant is situated in the center of District 3 with 6.000 square meters in area including 6 banquet halls having luxurious warm and elegant beauty with the modern Western architecture.
Marriage is the most important event in human life. To get a cozy formal wedding means a careful plan and preparation considerably made by the couple and their family.  So, please give that planning and preparation to Glorious. We ourselves guarantee everything will be the best to satisfy our customers.
Glorious carries a new style, not noisy but very warm, polite and classy. That is why this is indispensable for the get-together party, birthday or meeting among friends under lights, flickering and romantic candles and romantic and it is also the best place to organize important events for your company.

6 banquet rooms of Glorious:


Shining path of happiness!

Reception Room:


Glorious right here.
Successfulness and happiness lasts from here.
Smart guy and charming girl exchange their vows.
Wealth and prosperity lead future way."

Gold Gem Room:


Khu vực đón khách Gold Gem Room

"Gold Gem is long-lasting rich.
Couple is lovely seen together.
A wine glass is given and a wedding strip tightened.
Sparkling happiness is with couple."

Velvet Gem Room:


Khu vực đón khách Velvet Gem Room

Room "Velvet gem is ethereal rich.
Love shares sweetness and hardship.
Together we live so long.
Virginity pledge married two hearts."

Cherry Gem Room:


 Khu vực đón khách Cherry Gem Room

"Cherry gem is a natural gemstone.
We two should be a happy couple.
Together we empty the Sea.
Love, faithfulness are forever."

Pearl B Gem Room:


 Khu vực đón khách Pearl B Gem Room

"Pearl B is preciously exchanged.
By now it is richness and later it is sustainability.
Couples are by side forever.
Happiness and love are set."

Snow Gem Room:

Khu vực đón khách Snow Gem Room

"Snow gem is in pure white.
Young couple prays for good karma.
Two family are happy.
Wedding ceremony is filled with joy."

Pearl A Gem Room:


Khu vực đón khách Pearl A Gem Room

"Pearl A is a natural treasure.
Strengthened whiteness shows its charm forever.
Happiness is brought to brighly.
Smart guy and charming girl together live their life."

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